Because winning is fun.

Encourage friendly competition at your next event! Our selection of challenge games range from school carnival addons to serious challenges that you can add to your next company picnic. Challenges encourage guests at your event to keep coming back until they accomplish the goal. The best part is, they have fun doing it!

Come one! Come all!

Everyone enjoys a little friendly golf competition. Our portable aluminum framed minigolf holes can be setup indoors and outdoors.

We come in peace! This rocket launcher carnival game is challenging and fun.

Our bird launchers make the famous phone game come to life. Launch Angry Bird plushies at towers with pigs in them!

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This brightly colored balloon dart carnival game is perfect for your upcoming school carnival. Classic carnival games are always a hit.

Skeeball has been around for decades and is always a hit. Our 'classic' units are painted in colors from the 80′s.

Also called the classic 'Pop-A-Shot', our doubleshot hoop game is great for one on one play. Make wagers with your friends over who gets the last potato chip!

NFL Quarterbacks beware! This head to head inflatable football game is a blast.

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Ribbit, Ribbit! Launch brightly colored frogs and try to land them on the lilly pad.

Fling furious fowls and attempt to hit the holes in the illustrated backdrop. Taking key ideas from the popular game 'Angry Birds', the carnival game is guarenteed to be a huge hit at your next school carnival or corporate event.

If your kids are fans of the movies surf's up or happy feet, you need this carnival game at your next event. Fling fish into the penguin's basket to win the game!

Everyone loves plinko! This game is great for shows or conventions.

We are bringing it back to the classics with this ring toss game. Using brown glass bottles in a bright red frame, your guests will be thrilled.

March Madness fans will celebrate this basketball game! Enjoy head to head basketball challenge as you race to make more baskets.

Just about every person in the northwest played some soccer growing up. The goal in this challenging game is to score the soccer ball through one of the holes.

Milk jug smash is a game you see at every carnival. Now you can bring it to your carnvall as well!

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Challenge Games everywhere in the Northwest!

Bouncer Rental NW has been serving the greater Seattle are for decades. We love parties that are big and small and are happy to provide you with rental solutions. We rent challenge games to all of Seattle and Portland including Bellevue, Redmond, Everett, Beaverton, Vancouver, Hillsboro and much more! Wherever you are located in Oregon or Washington, we will come to you!



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